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Stockport district is one of four Districts providing scouting in the Borough of Stockport and one of ten Districts within the County of Greater Manchester East.

The largest district in Greater Manchester East, we comprise of 16 Groups, 5 Explorer Units and a Network Unit. In all we have over 1000 youth members supported by over 200 adults.

As the largest co-educational youth organisation in the borough we work with young people in partnership with adults to promote and provide a better community both today and tomorrow.
Our District extends from the borders of Levenshulme and Reddish in the north of Stockport down to Great Moor in the south covering the Heaton’s, Reddish, Offerton, Davenport, Cheadle Heath, Woodsmoor and Great Moor.
Our philosophy is, in reality, a simple one. We wish to give every child who wishes to share in the adventure that is scouting the opportunity to do so, and when they are members, the opportunity to take part in the many activities made available to them.

What’s in it for the young people?

Well, besides the obvious opportunities to get out and take part in the many activities available to them, Scouting teaches them life-long skills that will help prepare them to take a full role in their communities in their adult life. Team building, communication, emergency aid, self-awareness, planning, commitment, leadership and many more all form part of the programme that shapes the young people and gives them a very positive boost in future employment.

Without doubt, scouting is a life-changing adventure and in Stockport we aim to provide the very best opportunities from the youngest to the oldest. Our Groups are very active and supported by an active District team who also seek to provide additional opportunities for the young people to explore. Activities range from: District camps, (both at home and abroad), canoeing, snow skiing, climbing, hiking, International and many, many more.

What do our adults do?

Without our adult volunteers the life-changing adventure simply does not happen. The support adults provide range from the more direct youth provision in sections through to the managerial and administrative support vital to keep the wheels turning.

Our section leaders, assistants and supporters ensure the programme we provide our young people is first rate. Whilst ensuring the young people have a great time in taking part the adults also gain a lot of enjoyment (and stiff limbs) too. To ensure they are effective at this there is a strong support network who take responsibility for in ensuring meeting halls, finances, record keeping, fund –raising are all looked after to let the leaders do what they do best – providing the programme for our young people.
Scouting also benefits our adults in their professional life with many skills acquired through scouting directly transferrable to the work-place. Key to all of this is that they adults enjoy what they do and get as much fun from the adventure as the young people do.

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